Breaking down and grading 10 trade proposals from the Milwaukee Bucks fanbase

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Bucks go through a major shakeup with Nets and Warriors

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The final deal of this article is a mind-bending three-teamer that would shock the NBA landscape.

What Finney-Smith brings to the table has already been discussed ad nauseam. As for Wiggins, he's another two-way wing who could help fuel a reawakening for Milwaukee on defense. He boasts the length and size to make life difficult for opposing wings on a nightly basis.

Wiggins could also be a great third or fourth scoring option for the Bucks. Though he's having a down year this season, he averaged over 17 points per game in eight consecutive seasons prior to this one. Having another reliable scorer who could take pressure off of the other stars would not hurt.

Getting these two in a package deal would be an incredible addition for the Bucks, but the cost would certainly pose some question marks.

Would the Bucks be willing to move on from Brook Lopez, who has anchored their defense down low for several years? It's unlikely, but it seems more likely than in past seasons, as fans wonder whether he can fit within head coach Adrian Griffin's aggressive defensive schemes.

On that note, a Lopez-Wiggins swap could benefit Golden State, who may look to move Wiggins to clear more minutes for Jonathan Kuminga, per Marc Stein on the latest episode of the #thisleague Uncut podcast. Swapping him out for a 7-foot center would certainly do that.

Again, on Brooklyn's end, the return is a bit low compared to what reports are indicating the Nets might want for Finney-Smith. That could throw a wrench in this deal unless they change their tone about the forward's rumored hefty asking price.

Grade for Milwaukee: B+

Grade for Nets: C-

Grade for Warriors: B

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