Breaking down and grading 10 trade proposals from the Milwaukee Bucks fanbase

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Bucks/Raptors/Blazers trade

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Everyone wants to see the Bucks get more versatile on the defensive side of the ball. This would help.

Chris Boucher is a 6-foot-10 big man who can play many different positions. He's not a needle-tipper on defense, but he can provide fine shot-blocking down low. On offense, he's a decent perimeter shooter, so he'd fit in with Milwaukee's tradition of wanting floor-stretching big men.

Meanwhile, Thybulle is the type of defensive-minded wing this team needs. At 6-foot-5, he's capable of guarding an assortment of different players while being extremely switchable. He's never been an offensive player, but the Bucks need a player who can provide assistance defensively above all else.

The inclusion of a 2028 first-rounder coming to Milwaukee is an eyebrow-raiser. In all likelihood, that would not be a part of a deal with this type of framework. Given how much of a slump most of these outgoing players on Milwaukee's end have struggled this season, getting a pick back is unlikely.

Looking at the players leaving, it's a similar package to the last deal in the sense that Milwaukee's bench would lose a good chunk of its depth. Yet, Thybulle and Boucher could be nice newcomers to replenish Milwaukee's wing and big man depth.

From Toronto's POV, Boucher hasn't played a big role this year, so perhaps they would be fine with moving him. Is he worth an experienced veteran and a young sharpshooter? It's not the worst deal they could potentially get for the 30-year-old.

As for Portland, they likely wouldn't do this. Thybulle is a promising young player who fits their roster and timeline better than Portis right now. They likely wouldn't love the idea of packaging him with a first round pick as well as they rebuild following the Damian Lillard trade.

Perhaps taking out the first rounder could help, but even then, it's up in the air.

Grade for Milwaukee: A

Grade for Raptors: B-

Grade for Blazers: C+