Breaking down and grading 10 trade proposals from the Milwaukee Bucks fanbase

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Bucks/Jazz trade

Bucks swap a big and a point guard with Jazz

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The Bucks saw what these two players were capable of in their recent match with the Utah Jazz.

Kris Dunn has become quite a popular fan-favorite trade target after Ben Anderson of KSL Sports suggested that he'd fit nicely for them. It's easy to see the fit, as Dunn could serve as the backup point guard and provide tough defense whenever he touches the court.

While Cameron Payne, who would head to Utah in this deal, has had a fine season, Dunn might be a better fit for Milwaukee right now due to his defense. At this point, the team needs as many players who can play defense as possible, and Dunn earns the nod in that regard.

Looking at Kelly Olynyk, he's no defensive ace, but perhaps he could be an offensive sparkplug for a Milwaukee bench that needs one. He's currently averaging 8..2 points while putting up career-bests in 3-point percentage (43.3 percent) and assists (4.5 per game).

Is Olynyk an upgrade over Portis? Typically, the answer would be no, but with Portis being locked in such a slump for most of the season, it's certainly more up for debate than it normally would be when comparing their numbers this season, especially from behind the arc.

This deal would help the Bucks a touch on the defensive end with the insertion of Dunn. Olynyk may not help much on that end, but he could provide help as a scorer, shooter, and facilitator. It wouldn't be the worst deal for the Jazz, getting a quality big man, a veteran guard, and a pick.

If the Bucks are trading Portis, they'd likely want to get a clear-cut upgrade on the defensive side of the ball, such as Hunter or Thybulle, but that's just speculation.

Grade for Milwaukee: B

Grade for Utah: B