Breaking down and grading 10 trade proposals from the Milwaukee Bucks fanbase

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Bucks/Clippers trade

Bucks bring back another familiar face, this time from the Clippers

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This is perhaps a more realistic trade proposal that would see the Bucks bring back P.J. Tucker.

It's already been highlighted how Tucker's defense, intensity, and toughness could help a team that is lacking those characteristics right now. At 38 and currently having one of his least-productive years, Tucker would not change life for Milwaukee, but he could undeniably help them.

Crafting a trade package for Tucker is tricky because of his $11.5 million salary. A straight-up swap with Bobby Portis works, but that would be bad for the Bucks, even if Portis is currently battling an incredible slump. He still has much more value than Tucker.

Tucker for Connaughton would be much easier to stomach, but that would not work out financially. The Bucks would have to include another minimum player to get the money right. Ideally, they could include Robin Lopez or Cameron Payne to give this mock trade the green light.

In this proposed deal, the Bucks would include Chris Livingston to make it work. As strange as it may seem to say, this writer would not want to include him. While he's raw and the Bucks need to win now, the 20-year-old has incredible upside. When given time, he's shown great signs of two-way potential.

Livingston should not be off the table entirely, but including a young player the franchise handed a record-setting deal this off-season in this deal would be a headscratcher. If it were for a legitimate defensive ace, it would be more understandable.

The Clippers would likely welcome this deal with open arms, as they'd get an experienced 3-and-D wing with championship experience and a rookie second-rounder who has a boatload of potential waiting to be unearthed for a player out of their rotation.

Grade for Milwaukee: C

Grade for Clippers: A