Breaking down and grading 10 trade proposals from the Milwaukee Bucks fanbase

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Bucks/Nets trade

Bucks get much-needed defensive help from the Nets

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The Brooklyn Nets might be the most logical trade partner for the Bucks due to these two wings.

Bucks fans have been pounding the desk demanding that the team make a run at Royce O'Neale or Dorian Finney-Smith to shore up their defense. Landing both ahead of the trade deadline would be a home run for the franchise.

The word "versatility" has been thrown out a ton here - it's because that's what the team needs - but it's coming up again because this tandem personifies it. They're both lengthy, sturdy, and switchable wings who would take Milwaukee's defense up a notch the moment they set foot on the court.

This writer recently proposed a very similar deal with the Nets, except with the inclusion of another second-round pick. It might be the best the Bucks could do without going through a seismic roster shakeup, and even then, it might not be enough.

According to HoopsHype's Michael Scotto, the Nets hold a high asking price for these players, with executives believing Brooklyn could seek the equivalent of two firsts for Finney-Smith and one first for O'Neale. The Bucks do not even have one first to offer.

Is Milwaukee's mock package enticing enough to potentially make Brooklyn overlook actual picks? Despite their slumps, Portis and Connaughton have value, and their salaries are tradeable if the Nets were to make a bigger move at some point. They could also be solid veterans for Brooklyn.

MarJon Beauchamp is arguably Milwaukee's best young asset and was a first-rounder back in 2022. Though his sophomore year has not been filled with earth-shattering production, he's shown flashes of two-way potential. The second-round selection is self-explanatory.

Even though this package contains most of Milwaukee's top trade assets, the Nets could likely fetch a better offer elsewhere. If they were to trade both, it would not be surprising to see the land multiple first-round picks for a package deal including Finney-Smith and O'Neale.

Grade for Milwaukee: A

Grade for Brooklyn: C-