Bucks' recent draft workout attendees paint incredibly different pictures

Milwaukee could go in two very different directions here.
Phoenix Suns v Milwaukee Bucks
Phoenix Suns v Milwaukee Bucks / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages

The 2024 NBA Draft is coming up, and there are plenty of signs that the Milwaukee Bucks could go for a center with one of their two picks.

During their pre-draft process, Milwaukee has worked out countless prospects at the position, and two of their most recent attendees are among the most interesting centers in the entire draft class. Per HoopsHype's workout tracker, Zach Edey and Kel'el Ware, respectively ranked 15th and 19th in the entire class, have worked out for the Bucks. These are two very different players.

Edey and Ware would bring very different things to the Milwaukee Bucks

There's been chatter about the Bucks potentially moving on from Brook Lopez this off-season. Adding Edey or Ware would allow the team to find their succession plan.

If they want to follow a similar blueprint as they've done with Lopez, adding a towering big man who would primarily thrive in the drop-scheme defensively, Edey would be their best bet. Edey could be a legitimate threat right at the hoop for opponents, sliding into a role Lopez has played well in over the last half-decade in Milwaukee or so.

Yet, outside of that, there would be plenty of questions fit-wise. Edey is not an outside shooter at all - he took just two 3-pointers in four collegiate seasons - which could pose problems next to superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo. At his size, he's also rather slow and unathletic, two reasons why Bucks fans are mostly on board with the idea of moving Lopez, as the team needs more pure athletes.

Adding a player who would only increase Milwaukee's need for more athleticism would certainly be a head-scratcher after the year they just had.

That's why Ware is a more popular pick amongst fans, as his game is completely different. He does possess the eye-popping athleticism, versatility defensively and perimeter shooting (he knocked in 42.5 percent of his triples on 40 attempts this past season) that could give the Bucks a legitimate shot in the arm at the center position, offering things this team is not used to at the center spot.

With The Ringer writer Kevin O'Connor reporting that there are rumblings of Milwaukee wanting to try something new defensively moving forward, one would have to think Ware would be their best bet here. He'd shore up their versatility mightily, giving them a player who can do things defensively outside of the drop scheme.

With both of these prospects ranked so high, there's a shot they're both long gone before it's the Bucks' turn to pick in the first round. Still, it's interesting to see them doing homework on a pair of players who are so different from one another at the same position. One would allow them to keep doing what they have been doing, while the other would open up a new world of possibilities.

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