Several Bucks greats, role players featured throughout unique yet troubling ranking

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The Milwaukee Bucks have employed many recognizable names over the year, and, for the most part, they haven't been afraid to spend to keep them.

If one is looking to see just how much the Bucks have been willing to spend over the years to keep talent in town, they should look no further than HoopsHype's recent ranking of the highest-earning players in NBA history without an All-NBA team selection. The list has pulled the top 50 names to fit that mold, and there are nine Milwaukee Bucks from start to finish.

Of course, the Bucks didn't pay all of these earnings, as players spent time with other teams in their NBA careers at one point or another, but they certainly dished out their share. That said, let us look at the names, how much they made and their placement on the 50-player ranking.

Analyzing the Milwaukee Bucks on HoopsHype's ranking

No. 49 - Wesley Matthews, $118,030,476

By the time he got to the Milwaukee Bucks, Wesley Matthews was no longer the elite 3-and-D wing that helped him earn sizeable paychecks with from the Portland Trail Blazers and Dallas Mavericks. The veteran received multiple minimum deals from the Bucks during his two stints with the team, so they were not the ones writing the hefty checks for the current Atlanta Hawk.

No. 48 - JJ Redick, $118,345,008

JJ Redick's time with the Milwaukee Bucks was incredibly short. He played 28 regular season games and four playoff games for the franchise after being traded for in 2012-23 before bolting right out the door in free agency. As the financial figures suggest, Redick went on to have a very successful career, but most of it was not with the Bucks.

No. 39 - Eric Bledsoe, $129,340,553

At a time when the young Milwaukee Bucks were starting to ascend, the team pulled the trigger on a deal to bring in veteran point guard Eric Bledsoe. After serving as a key cog, they handed him a new four-year deal worth $70 million in 2019. There was a time when he was viewed as one of the best defensive-minded guards in the NBA, and he was certainly paid like it.

No. 28 - Serge Ibaka, $141,750,412

In his prime, Serge Ibaka was a sheer force on the defensive end, proving to be among the very best shot-blockers the game had to offer. When he was traded to Milwaukee, he was no longer that, as he was primarily an insurance policy backup big man. Ultimately, the Milwaukee Bucks paid him very little for his services, but plenty of other teams dished out their share of big checks.

No. 9 - Brook Lopez, $197,774,768

From franchise leader with the Brooklyn Nets to role player with the Los Angeles Lakers to excellent two-way big man with the Bucks, Brook Lopez has worn many hats over the years. He's been paid handsomely for it, including a two-year deal worth $48 million that he received last off-season, but he's never been able to crack an All-NBA team.

No. 7 - Danilo Gallinari, $205,014,876

This one may surprise fans, especially newer ones who may be watching Danilo Gallinari closely for the first time as a Buck. Prime Gallinari was a quality scorer, averaging over 15 points per game on eight different occasions. Scoring like that as a 6-foot-10 role player was highly desirable, so teams were willing to pay up for his in-demand services.

No. 5 - Khris Middleton, $225,638,155

Khris Middleton's rise from throw-in piece in a trade to bonafide championship-caliber second option has earned him plenty of paychecks over the years from the Bucks. Despite his best efforts and three All-Star worthy seasons, Middleton has not been able to make his way onto any of the All NBA teams over the years.

No. 4 - Tobias Harris, $251,084,872

Tobias Harris played 70 games with the Milwaukee Bucks before being moved in the aforementioned JJ Redick trade. He has since blossomed into an incredibly versatile scorer and has had a handful of near-All-Star seasons with several teams. He certainly feels like one of those "what could have been" members of the Milwaukee Bucks, as they gave up on him fairly early.

No. 3 - Jrue Holiday, $259,395,951

Given that he's arguably the most underrated player of this generation, it's not overly surprising that Jrue Holiday has never made an All-NBA team. Primarily with the New Orleans Pelicans and Bucks, he showed that he could be one of the best two-way players in the league, and in 2021, he helped this Milwaukee team secure the most prestigious honor of them all with a championship.

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