Bucks' Patrick Beverley delivers potentially devastating update before NBA Playoffs

Brooklyn Nets v Milwaukee Bucks
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Just when it seemed like he found his footing with the Milwaukee Bucks, Patrick Beverley delivered some potentially devastating injury news.

On the latest episode of his podcast, the Pat Bev Pod, Beverley revealed that he has torn a ligament in his right wrist that will need to be surgically repaired, which would take around three to four months to heal.

Beverley said he felt pain in the wrist before Milwaukee's matchup against the OKC Thunder but still suited up. However, he missed Milwaukee's loss against the Los Angeles Lakers. Now, it's unclear how things will play out, whether he opts to get immediate surgery or seek other options. Beverley states he could miss several months, but that is not set in stone yet.

Either way, this is certainly not the type of news fans wanted this late in the season.

Bucks' Patrick Beverley delivers potentially devastating update before NBA Playoffs

If Beverley is sidelined indefinitely, it would be a major blow for the Milwaukee Bucks. The veteran has been a huge sparkplug for the Bucks since coming over, giving Milwaukee an added dose of defense, toughness, intensity and outside shooting. It felt like his presence also elevated the play of his fellow Bucks as well, particularly big man Bobby Portis.

With the NBA Playoffs on the horizon, this one stings. However, if Beverley does miss significant time, the rest of the team has to embrace a next man up mentality. Bobby Portis will have to do double duty on the intensity front. Jae Crowder will have to play even better defense than he has been. AJ Green may get even more time in this veteran-oriented rotation.

The Milwaukee Bucks have depth, but it will be interesting to see how Doc Rivers proceeds with his rotations if Beverley is glued to the sidelines for a while. This would leave Milwaukee without a true backup point guard. Pat Connaughton, who flexed his floor general chops with nine assists in that loss to the Lakers, could see some time as a makeshift backup point guard in certain situations.

Right now, this situation is still developing, and more updates will come on what is next for Beverley. Until then, all fans can do is wait.

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