5 Bucks who could become playoff heroes like 2021 Pat Connaughton, P.J. Tucker

Philadelphia 76ers v Milwaukee Bucks
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Malik Beasley

Sticking with players who could make a difference with their outside shooting, the Milwaukee Bucks need Malik Beasley to get it going. He's been in a massive shooting slump as of late, and it couldn't have come at a more challenging time with the team struggling and the postseason nearing. If these struggles carry over into the playoffs, it could be catastrophic.

Beasley could be the biggest boom or bust candidate in terms of impact. If he can shake this slump and get into a groove, he could provide elite perimeter shooting to make defenses pay when leaving him open and swing a series. If the slump continues, especially this mightily, it may be hard to send him out there for significant minutes.

The guard certainly has what it takes to become a playoff hero. He shattered Ray Allen's record for most games in a season with five or more 3-point makes, and if he could register a few outings like that on the big stage, it could cement his status among the franchise's playoff heroes. It could also help him earn a nice raise in pay this summer when he hits NBA Free Agency.

He's got two regular season games to work on shooting his way out of this grueling shooting slump that has hurt his production mightily since the All-Star break.