5 Bucks who could become playoff heroes like 2021 Pat Connaughton, P.J. Tucker

Philadelphia 76ers v Milwaukee Bucks
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Jae Crowder

From the moment the Milwaukee Bucks acquired him in 2023, Jae Crowder has been compared to P.J. Tucker. Both are veteran forwards known for their toughness, versatility and defensive impact. Crowder was not able to help bring Milwaukee a title in his first year like Tucker did, but he could be a useful piece in helping them do so this time around.

The Bucks need defense from just about anywhere they can get it, and Crowder has been one of the team's best contributors on that side of things this season. Opposing players have shot 72-of-178 (40.4 percent) following the NBA All-Star break, which is the best mark on the Bucks among those to defend at least 20 shots, making his presence known.

Crowder should receive some difficult wing assignments in the postseason. Unlike players such as Malik Beasley and Pat Connaughton, Crowder has the height and build to make things more difficult for opposing scorers, just like P.J. Tucker did. If Crowder plays the same brand of hounding defense against big names, it would be a significant boost for the Milwaukee Bucks.

Like Beasley, Crowder could earn himself a nice paycheck in free agency if he comes to play and thrives in his role when the lights are the brightest.