5 Bucks who could become playoff heroes like 2021 Pat Connaughton, P.J. Tucker

Philadelphia 76ers v Milwaukee Bucks
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Patrick Beverley

Patrick Beverley is the type of player who could swing a game with a single sequence. He does a little of everything out there, whether it's playing hard-nosed defense, finding the open man, knocking in his own triples or hyping up his teammates. All of those were reasons why the Milwaukee Bucks swung a trade for him at the deadline. They know the impact he can have.

Above all else, Milwaukee will need Beverley's defense. Although he's just 6-foot-3, Beverley can take on players of all shapes and sizes within reason. A lot of good guards stand in the way of a title, and he will draw those assignments. The Bucks will need Beverley to live up to his agitator title, making life as difficult as possible for opposing players.

Now, it should be noted that Beverley is not healthy right now. He's dealing with a wrist injury that will force him to go under the knife when the season is over. That speaks to his toughness and how much he wants to help the Milwaukee Bucks win it all this season. If he helps them reach the mountaintop while battling this injury, it would cement his name in Milwaukee Bucks lore forever.

The guard has taken on a larger role as a starter lately, and he's flat-out thrived. Hopefully he can keep this up down the stretch and into the NBA Playoffs. Beverley is a known beer guy, and if he wins it all with the Milwaukee Bucks, he may never have to buy his own beer in Wisconsin ever again.