Bucks' latest pre-draft workout attendee could reunite champions in Milwaukee

Purdue v Connecticut
Purdue v Connecticut / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

Last off-season, the Milwaukee Bucks drafted an NCAA Champion out of UConn in the second round of the NBA Draft. This off-season, the Milwaukee Bucks could draft an NCAA Champion out of UConn in the second round of the NBA Draft.

Tristen Newton posted a photo of himself in Milwaukee Bucks gear, signaling that he had a workout with them ahead of the upcoming draft. Newton is coming off back-to-back National Championships with UConn. In 2023, Newton hoisted the trophy alongside Andre Jackson Jr., who just finished up his first year with the Bucks after being taken in the draft last year.

With Newton confirmed to work out for Milwaukee, the Bucks may have an opportunity to reunite the champions through the 2024 NBA Draft.

Would Tristen Newton fit with the Milwaukee Bucks?

There's a lot to like about Newton's possible fit in Milwaukee. First, he's a tenacious defender, and at 6-foot-5, he possesses quality size, which could allow him to match up against bigger players. It's no secret that the Bucks should be overturning every stone possible to get more strong defenders on this roster, especially young ones with a motor like Newton has.

With Patrick Beverley's future in Milwaukee uncertain, the Bucks could be in the market for a new backup point guard. Newton could fit the billing, giving Milwaukee a defensive-minded floor general who could also slide to the two-guard spot when needed, making him a versatile chess piece for this team to utilize.

Newton's five-year stay in college and two National Championships also make him enticing, as he may be ready to contribute sooner rather than later. He's 23, so he's more polished than some of the other prospects in this draft class, but that also limits what he may be able to develop into. Still, with the Bucks in win-now mode, they may need more prospects ready to help from the jump.

The biggest downside with Newton is his lack of a reliable outside shot. He sunk just 32.7 percent of his triples during his five-year stay in college. For a Milwaukee team that likes to surround their stars with perimeter shooting, that could be a bit of a problem. Yet, that should not be the end all be all in terms of draft prospects. It can be worked on.

If the Bucks do have an eye for Newton, they would almost certainly have to trade back or find a way to acquire another pick later in the second round. Milwaukee currently holds the 33rd pick, but they would be reaching if they took Newton that high. Still, there's a lot to like about his fit in Milwaukee.

Reuniting Jackson and Newton in Milwaukee would bring together two Huskies who could help this Bucks team in a big way next season.

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