Bucks' sparkplug doesn't mince words when asked about his future in Milwaukee

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Five Milwaukee Bucks are slated to hit 2024 NBA Free Agency this off-season, and the general consensus amongst most fans is Patrick Beverley should be the one they aim to retain the most.

Coming over at the trade deadline, Beverley gave the Bucks a big spark from a mentality perspective and as a perimeter defender, two things this team desperately needed more of prior to his arrival. He became so important for the Bucks that he ended up starting down the stretch and into the playoffs. Now, they should aim to bring him back for another go-round.

On the latest episode of his show, The Pat Bev Podcast with Rone, Beverley detailed his thoughts on free agency and a possible future with the Milwaukee Bucks.

"Obviously, I want to stay with Milwaukee, you know. I want to see what goes here. I played well enough in the playoffs to [receive] a little bump. You know, that's the business side of it, so whatever happens with that happens. I loved playing in Milwaukee. Milwaukee was fire."

Beverley then proceeded to highlight how he enjoyed playing with his Milwaukee teammates.

Bucks' sparkplug doesn't mince words when asked about his future in Milwaukee

Beverley made it clear that his heart is in Milwaukee, but the little bump he mentioned signals that he feels like he's worth a raise in pay soon after playing on a minimum contract this past season, and that could be a significant factor here.

If it's for the minimum, the Milwaukee Bucks should absolutely bring Beverley back. He proved that he could help this Bucks team, and it would be great to have some continuity at the point guard position, something this team has not had for years with players like Eric Bledsoe, Jrue Holiday, George Hill, Jevon Carter, Damian Lillard and Cameron Payne all filling in at various points.

If Beverley is not satisfied with the minimum, things could get tricky for the Milwaukee Bucks, who will not have much spending money this off-season. There are teams across the league with more money who may be willing to give Beverley more cash if they believe his rugged attitude and pesky defense can help them. The Bucks will not be winning many free agency bidding wars this off-season.

If Beverley does walk, there are several intriguing ball-handlers set to also be available on the market who may be willing to take a cheaper deal. As welcoming as it would be to retain Beverley, if he wants a massive raise, the Bucks may opt to pursue someone younger and cheaper, especially considering that they should emphasize getting more youth on the roster this off-season - Beverley is nearly 36.

It'll be fascinating to see which direction the Milwaukee Bucks go in with Beverley, who is likely their highest internal priority in free agency.

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