3 Buyout targets for the Milwaukee Bucks following the 2024 NBA Trade Deadline

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Buyout Target 2 - Bismack Biyombo, center

Robin Lopez struggled to have an impact with the Bucks this season. Trading him to Sacramento opened up a spot in the frontcourt and Bismack Biyombo could look to fill that role. Milwaukee currently only has three players over 6-foot-7, with Brook Lopez being the only real definitive center.

This season, he has started in 27 of 30 games with the Memphis Grizzlies and averaged 5.2 points, six rebounds and a block per game. Take into account he was playing 24 minutes per game, and his numbers have slightly been up on previous years. However, this makes him a better option than others having got so many minutes under his belt this season rather than spending plenty of time on the bench or not even getting on the court.

He has an impressive defensive rating of 113.6 and would add another physical body that can come in off the bench and play the five. Brook Lopez has struggled at times defensively this season with the schemes used by both Adrian Griffin and Doc Rivers. Biyombo just gives another option and despite being 6-foot-8 can still be effective on the glass and has more athleticism than Lopez.

If the Bucks do look to add another center to help pad out the frontcourt, Biyombo is a definite option and can be effective off the bench. Whether they go with a big or wing is still up for debate as the argument can be made for each.