4 Dark horse prospects for the Milwaukee Bucks in the 2024 NBA Draft

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Tristan da Silva, Colorado

Another potential option for the Bucks might be Colorado Buffaloes senior Tristan da Silva.

While not the flashiest prospect, the 6-foot-9 da Silva is a high-IQ player with a well-rounded skill set and has been compared to the likes of Kyle Anderson. He's a solid scorer with a strong post-game and a still-developing 3-point shot. While Giannis dominates inside, the Bucks crave a wing that can create offense from various spots. He fits the bill.

Defensively, he's a team player with good hustle and anticipation. He might not be a high-ceiling prospect, but his ability to contribute immediately could be valuable for the Bucks.

The forward isn't just about individual offense. He boasts a high basketball IQ, making smart decisions with the ball and understanding his role within the team. He excels in pick-and-pop situations, finding open teammates and making the right play. This unselfishness complements Giannis' playmaking abilities and the Bucks' overall offensive philosophy.

Don't be fooled by his offensive prowess; da Silva brings defensive hustle and anticipation to the table. He can guard multiple positions thanks to his size and strength, and his understanding of team defense makes him a valuable asset on that end.

While da Silva might not have the highest ceiling, his well-rounded skillset ensures he'll contribute immediately. He's a floor-raiser, someone who can elevate the play of his teammates and provide consistent production. His basketball IQ and willingness to learn also suggest room for growth, allowing him to become a more impactful player down the line.

The Bucks need more than just athleticism on the wing. They need a smart, versatile player who can contribute on both ends. Tristan da Silva, with his diverse skillset, high basketball IQ and team-first mentality, might be the under-the-radar answer to their championship aspirations.