4 Dark horse prospects for the Milwaukee Bucks in the 2024 NBA Draft

Garden Classic - Duke v Baylor
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Jalen Bridges, Baylor

Jalen Bridges, at 6-foot-9 with good lateral quickness, fits the bill perfectly for the Bucks. He can guard multiple positions, a key asset in today's NBA. He's also a capable on-ball defender and rotates well off the ball, capable of plugging holes in the Bucks' sometimes leaky perimeter defense.

Giannis is a defensive force, but the Bucks need another rim protector to deter drives and clean up mistakes. Bridges, with his length and surprising shot-blocking ability, could be that extra layer of rim security. While not a rim-protector extraordinaire, his defensive presence complements Giannis' dominance in the paint.

Bridges isn't a flashy scorer, but his well-rounded offensive skill set makes him a valuable role player. He can knock down open threes, making him a floor-spacing threat alongside Giannis. He's also a capable scorer in the mid-range and can operate effectively off the pick-and-roll. Bridges understands his role, doesn't force shots and focuses on making winning plays.

Bridges is a cerebral player with a high basketball IQ. He understands spacing and makes smart decisions with the ball. He's also known for his coachability and willingness to learn. This would allow the Milwaukee Bucks to mold him into the perfect system fit, maximizing his skillset within their championship framework.

While Bridges might not be a top prospect, he's a late bloomer who has steadily improved throughout his college career. The Bucks could nurture his development, allowing him to become a reliable contributor off the bench.

Jalen Bridges might not be a household name, but his defensive versatility, secondary rim protection and well-rounded offensive skillset make him a perfect fit for the Bucks. He's the glue guy who could elevate the team's overall performance without demanding the spotlight. If the Bucks land him in the later rounds, Bridges could be the steal that helps them maintain their championship dominance.

These are just a few names, but this is only to say that the draft landscape can always shift as we get closer to draft night. Keep an eye out for prospects who excel in private workouts or at the combine, showcasing skills that might translate well to the Bucks system.

After all, sometimes the best finds are the ones who fly under the radar.

Stay tuned for more Bucks analysis as the playoffs come to a close.