Delon Wright signing may signal Bucks are out on other free agent guard

The Bucks may lose a playoff starter.
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The Milwaukee Bucks kicked off 2024 NBA Free Agency with the signing of Delon Wright, a move that many seem to like early on.

With several members of their backcourt hitting free agency, adding another guard was crucial, and the Bucks clearly understood this. Now, with Wright in town, what will happen with Patrick Beverley? The addition of Wright could mean he's on his way out.

Does Delon Wright make Patrick Beverley expendable?

Sure, the Bucks could aim to bring back Beverley and have them both on the roster, as a team like this should stock up on perimeter defenders, but one would think that if that were truly the case, Beverley would have gotten a new deal already, given that he was already in town following the trade deadline.

Beverley and the Bucks could have gotten a new deal done long ago, given that free agents and the teams they were on were able to start negotiating new deals right after the NBA Finals. Perhaps the guard wanted to wait and test the open market for a better deal than what Milwaukee was offering, as he did hint on his podcast recently that he'd like a bump in pay this off-season.

Or maybe the Milwaukee Bucks weren't willing to meet the price to retain him.

If Beverley is indeed seeking a raise, perhaps the Bucks felt as if getting Wright on a minimum rather than dishing out a bigger check on Beverley was the right play. If they bring Beverley back, great; the Bucks would then have two defensive-minded guards to boost their depth and defense. If Beverley bolts, they still have a strong perimeter defender and combo guard in Wright, possibly for cheaper.

If they can do so for cheap, bringing Beverley back would not be the worst idea, as the Bucks could use another guard, especially a two-guard. Yet, there are several captivating names still out on the open market, including Lonnie Walker IV and Josh Okogie who could be worthy targets as well if the team wants to go in another direction or if Beverley departs.

Milwaukee has two roster spots open at this time, and it'll be fascinating to see what they do with both of them in the coming weeks or months.

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