Division rival nearing big step in luring away key piece of Bucks' front office

Milwaukee Bucks Introduce Doc Rivers
Milwaukee Bucks Introduce Doc Rivers / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages

For weeks, rumors have been swirling about a possible change up top potentially coming in the near future for the Milwaukee Bucks.

Veteran NBA insider Marc Stein reported in mid-April that the Detroit Pistons were believed to have an interest in making a play for Milwaukee GM Jon Horst. The Ringer's Kevin O'Connor took it a step further by reporting that there is a real possibility that Horst will leave the Bucks and head home to Detroit to take over and pull the strings for them.

On Sunday, Stein reported that the Pistons will soon extend an invitation for Horst to interview for their opening, and the Bucks will have to decide whether or not they'll grant permission.

Division rival nearing big step in luring away key piece of Bucks' front office

It'll be fascinating to see whether or not the Bucks grant the Pistons the necessary permission to get Horst in the interview room. If they opt against it, they would clearly like him to stick around. However, if they give him the nod of approval, it could signal that they are ready to go in another direction.

Since he took back over in 2017, the former Executive of the Year has helped thrust the Bucks into contention, building competitive rosters year after year.

With their title window open, does Milwaukee want to start over with a new general manager and bank on the newcomer finding their stride? They shouldn't dismiss the idea. Horst has done plenty of good with the Bucks, such as trading for Damian Lillard, Jrue Holiday and P.J. Tucker, but he's also got a long list of slip-ups, notably with trades for Jae Crowder and a handful of his draft picks.

Over the last three seasons following the title, Milwaukee's roster has had notable holes, and a good chunk of it comes back to the team relying too heavily on aging veterans rather than younger pieces, which has been a calling card of Horst's lately. Perhaps someone new in the chair could address these issues better than Horst has for Milwaukee.

To be clear, Horst is a solid general manager, so the Bucks undoubtedly shouldn't run him out of town. However, the Detroit gig feels like something he may be open to pursuing, with him being a Michigan native and the Pistons showing a willingness to spend big over the past couple of years. That's just speculation here, but those factors cannot be ignored.

A monumental change in the front office could be on the way this NBA off-season. If it does happen, many have pointed to ESPN analyst and former Golden State Warriors general manager Bob Myers, who helped create those title-winning teams over the years. He'd be an eye-catching pick, but there would likely be countless other names involved.

All of this hinges on whether or not the Milwaukee Bucks allow the Pistons to speak with Horst, and news on the should come soon.

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