1 Dream, 1 Realistic, and 1 Floor comparison for Bucks’ Jaylin Galloway

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Dream ceiling for Bucks’ Jaylin Galloway – Herb Jones

Herb Jones has only been in the league for three years but he is already playing at an All-Defensive level and is good on the offensive end. He is slightly taller than Galloway at 6"8 but it is more of the mold of being a great physical two-way player that can take on some of the tougher defensive assignments in games.

This season Jones is averaging 11.3 points per game with 3.6 rebounds and 2.5 assists on shooting splits of .514/.435/.853. Add to that a steal and a block per game and he really is one of the premium two-way forwards that is incredibly valuable to the New Orleans Pelicans. It is likely that he will make one of the All-Defense teams this season and if Galloway could reach that sort of level whilst adding the offense then it would be a dream for the Bucks.

Jones is only 25 and so he still has room to grow but is already at a really good level. Galloway can shoot at a similar rate but needs to work on his free throw shooting as it is around 60 percent on his career with this year being down on last season's 65.5 percent. The rebounding and assist side of the game Galloway is close to being there when looking at his stats in Australia but would need to see it translate to the NBA with the bigger bodies and better defensive schemes.

Jones has grown into a starter and further down the line in his career Galloway could work his way into a starting lineup at the three. If his game were to develop then he could become of similar value to the Bucks as Jones is to the Pelicans and that would stand him and Milwaukee in good start for years to come.