1 Dream, 1 Realistic, and 1 Floor comparison for Bucks’ Jaylin Galloway

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The realistic ceiling for Bucks’ Jaylin Galloway – Josh Hart

This is quite an intriguing comparison I am making but I do think Galloway could easily hit the level that Josh Hart is playing at. The New York Knicks forward has built his career on being a good shooter and an exceptional rebounder for someone that is just 6"4.

He was part of the young Los Angeles Lakers team from 2017 to 2019 and has really matured and become an integral piece to the improvement in the Knicks in the past two seasons, along with being a valuable piece for the Pelicans prior to being traded to New York. This season he has played 63 games, starting 24 of those and is averaging 8.9 points, 7.7 rebounds, 3.5 assists and a steal per game. He is shooting 32.9 percent from deep so similar to that of Galloway and if he can continue to improve his physicality then he can bump up his rebounding numbers up towards that of Hart.

Hart perhaps isn't known for his defensive but he also is no slouch. His defensive rating for the season is 113.0 per Statmuse. Should Galloway improve defensively as he gets more NBA experience then he can easily become a solid role player similar to Hart. Knocking down shots consistently whilst adding some defensive solidity and then chipping in on the boards then there is a place in the league for that sort of player and Galloway can become that.

The rebounding stats for Hart are quite an anomaly for someone of his height to register so many boards but Galloway can be an effective and useful player to have off the bench to help on both ends of the floor.