1 Dream, 1 Realistic, and 1 Floor comparison for Bucks’ Jaylin Galloway

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The floor for Bucks’ Jaylin Galloway – Josh Okogie

With Galloway only being on a two-way deal, it is tough to see his progression until he starts to get regular time on the floor and we know that since Doc Rivers has taken over the Bucks, he likes to rely more on the veterans and the likes of Andre Jackson Jr. and MarJon Beauchamp have seen their minutes almost disappear.

Josh Okogie has become a reliable player off the bench and that is what Galloway's floor should be. The Suns guard is averaging 4.9 points, 2.7 rebounds and an assist and steal in 17 minutes pe rgame. He is a career 29.2 percent shooter from deep which Galloway can definitely be better than but being around that 30 percent mark and adding defensive value off the bench can lead to a long and successful career in the NBA.

Defensively is where Okogie excels and that is shown by him being a 20 minute per game player across his career without putting up too many offensive stats. He has a defensive rating this season of 114.9 and registering a steal per game will always add value to any team especially when coming off the bench.

If Galloway can get to a point defensively like Okogie and the Australian is slightly bigger then it will allow him to guard multiple positions and be a reliable bench piece for the Bucks. There is a wide range for him as a two-way player with him potentially being able to reach the level of a starter but these were just some comparisons as to the level Jaylin Galloway can reach.

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