5 Dream, 5 realistic trade targets for the Milwaukee Bucks to monitor

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Dream trade target - Jonathan Kuminga, Golden State Warriors

Adding youth was a big point of emphasis for the Bucks this past off-season. If they want to continue that trend, perhaps they could look into Jonathan Kuminga of the Golden State Warriors. The young forward has shown legitimate glimpses of two-way potential. Defensively, he stands at 6-foot-8 and can match up against top tier competition. He'd be a huge addition to this Milwaukee defense.

Kuminga landing in Milwaukee may just be a pipe dream, but Scotto noted that he's highly-coveted across the league. Anything can happen between now and the deadline, and perhaps if the Warriors field offers for Kuminga, the Bucks could make a call. It wouldn't be too difficult to get him financially, but the Warriors could certainly ask for a lot in return from the promising young 21-year-old.

Realistic trade target - Reggie Bullock, Houston Rockets

Back to veterans, Reggie Bullock would be another intriguing option. He's a credible 3-and-D wing, which makes it unsurprising that Scotto mentioned Milwaukee had interest in signing him before he landed with the Houston Rockets in NBA Free Agency. He'd bring more shooting, defense, experience, and versatility to this Milwaukee team.

Since signing with Houston, Bullock has failed to get onto the floor much, playing a new career-low 9.1 minutes per game. Due to that, Scotto noted that he is a name to monitor on the market. He has an affordable contract for a team like Milwaukee, as he's making $3.2 million this season. Acquiring that would not be difficult for the Bucks, and Houston's asking price would likely be reasonable.