11 Way too early 2024 free agent targets for the Milwaukee Bucks

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Mo Bamba

The Milwaukee Bucks have questions at the center position. Brook Lopez and Bobby Portis manned the ship this past season, but there were plenty of times when their lack of mobility and athleticism hurt the team. It unquestionably didn't help when they added Danilo Gallinari for more size later on. This off-season, they should pursue Mo Bamba to add size and length off the bench.

The 7-foot Bamba has consistently shown potential throughout his career, but after having the best year of his career in 2021-22, his minutes have lessened over the last two years. Having just turned 26, he's still young and has some attributes that could help this team, primarily his shot-blocking and mobility, two things the Milwaukee Bucks would welcome.

His ability to knock down the long-ball also cannot be overlooked. Shooting 36.1 percent from deep on 2.3 attempts per game in his career, he's more than capable of letting it fly. When playing next to Giannis Antetokounmpo, it's key to have a big man who can shoot, which is why Lopez has been so successful. Bamba could provide that same spacing.

After spending most of the season on Philadelphia's sidelines, Bamba will more than likely be in the market for a minimum this off-season. Given Milwaukee's need for size, that could be a bargain, and they should gladly pick him up. With Lopez not getting any younger, perhaps they could mold Bamba into their center of the future in due time. At the bare minimum, more size and depth would not hurt.