11 Way too early 2024 free agent targets for the Milwaukee Bucks

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De'Anthony Melton

If the Milwaukee Bucks do indeed lose Patrick Beverley and are hunting for a new backup point guard, it would be hard to find one who fits better and could have a bigger impact than De'Anthony Melton.

Melton is a tremendous defender at the guard position. Although he stands at 6-foot-2, he boasts a lengthy 6-foot-8 wingspan, which he utilizes to flat-out hound his opponents. On top of his excellent play on defense, he's a strong offensive player, holding career averages of 9.1 points and 2.8 assists while shooting 36.9 percent from deep. A two-way guard like that could work wonders for this team.

Melton's versatility would be of great use to Milwaukee. He could primarily serve as the team's backup to Damian Lillard, leading the charge off of the bench. However, he could also be used in lineups next to Lillard, providing excellent perimeter defense and taking pressure off of the superstar point guard nightly, allowing him to focus more on his output offensively.

The big uncertainty with Melton is how much he may command in free agency. Though he's coming off an injury-riddled season that saw him play just 38 games for the Philadelphia 76ers, some teams may still be willing to offer him a deal far greater than what the Milwaukee Bucks could. It's something the team will have to play by ear, but he should be on their radar.