3 Factors that could doom Milwaukee Bucks' postseason hopes, 2 that could uplift them

Milwaukee Bucks v Sacramento Kings
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There are currently just 15 games left in what has been an incredibly turbulent regular season for the Milwaukee Bucks.

Through coaching changes, injuries and new players coming and going, the Bucks have been all over the place, showing signs of being a great team, but then coming out only to lay an egg the next game. However, despite the turbulence, the Milwaukee Bucks still find themselves within the upper echelon of the Eastern Conferencde, and their championship goals remain intact.

As the NBA Playoffs draw near, here are several attributes that could doom them in the postseason and others that could uplift them.

Doom - Lack of chemistry due to massive changes

Continuity has not been a friend of Milwaukee's over the past few months. Days before camp began, the front office shook up the roster by moving two starters for Damian Lillard. In January, the move to fire former coach Adrian Griffin was another seismic change, as was hiring Doc Rivers to replace him. The Bucks are running out of time to establish some continuity before the big test begins.

Since taking over, Rivers has thrown a lot of the past philosophies out the window. Despite the team's 11-10 record since he took over, most of these have been positive. A major factor Rivers has focused on offensively is improving the two-man game between Giannis Antetokounmpo and Damian Lillard, something that was somehow not emphasized too often under the previous regime.

These two stars are finally starting to trend in the right direction in the two-man game, but they are running out of time to perfect it. Lillard coming aboard just before camp hindered his ability to work with Antetokounmpo and the rest of the Bucks as much as possible, as a lot of his chemistry has been built throughout the season, especially since Rivers arrived in town.

Milwaukee will also have to adjust to playing with Khris Middleton once again whenever he returns. While most of the players on this roster have no shortage of experience playing alongside him, and Middleton is not an overly ball-dominant player, the extended absence could make reintegrating him into the lineup with so little games left could be easier said than done.

Rivers is still getting his players used to the new schemes on both sides of the floor, such as with the two-man game between the stars. When watching, it is clear at times that sometimes, players are still unsure of where they are supposed to be, particularly defensively. The players need real game reps to perfect these schemes and actions, and time is running out.

The Bucks have plenty of leaks coming through the bottom of the boat, and if they don't patch them, it could sink the ship on the big stage.