Fascinating NBA draft prospect Bronny James compared to Bucks fan favorite

USC v Arizona
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It's always interesting when collegiate players receive pro comparisons ahead of the NBA Draft, and USC's Bronny James was compared to a key member of the Milwaukee Bucks.

The Ringer's Kevin O'Connor recently spoke to an NBA general manager, a scout and an executive to dive deep into what the guard may bring to the next level ahead of the 2024 NBA Draft. In the talks, one name that popped up as far as comparisons was Patrick Beverley, among others. The consensus is that James can be a stout defender in the NBA, so it's no surprise Beverley's name surfaced.

Fascinating NBA draft prospect Bronny James compared to Bucks fan favorite

If you're being compared to Patrick Beverley, you've undoubtedly got some defensive potential in tow. A three-time All-Defensive honoree, the guard has made a living in this league as a pest, hounding his opponents on a nightly basis for years. James, who has two inches of height on Beverley at 6-foot-4, showed a lot of those same attributes at USC, which could help him stick at the next level.

Heck, if James can indeed bring quality defense to the floor in the league, the Milwaukee Bucks may even want to take a closer look at him. The team has clearly struggled to defend the perimeter for a good chunk of the season, and while adding James would not fix the issue on impact, he would give them a nice young piece who could develop into a rather strong defensive contributor.

However, James very well may stay in college for one more year, which many people think would be the best move for him. He's currently testing the waters as an NBA prospect but still has eligibility to return to the NCAA, which makes sense to see how teams may feel about him. Of course, being the son of LeBron James, that angle will be in the minds of many when evaluating him.

In the piece from O'Connor, the general manager said there may be three rounds worth of prospects better than James in this class. The wisest move would be to head back to college, where he will likely transfer from USC, head elsewhere to get a fresh start and build his draft stock for next year.

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