7 Potential free agent targets for Bucks with ties to Damian Lillard

Milwaukee Bucks v Philadelphia 76ers
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Nicolas Batum

Damian Lillard and Nicolas Batum were teammates on some very underrated Trail Blazers teams in the early to mid-2010s. While the Milwaukee Bucks wouldn't be getting that version of Batum, they could still get an impact player if they added the one who just finished up his 16th NBA season.

Above all else, Batum would give the Bucks a 6-foot-8 chess piece who is capable of playing either forward slot or shooting guard. He could be plugged into countless lineup combinations, giving the Bucks a versatile piece they have been longing for. He could be particularly useful when Milwaukee goes small and places Giannis at center, as Batum could be the power forward in that instance.

This past year, Batum served as a jack of all trades for both the LA Clippers and Philadelphia 76ers, averaging 5.3 points, 4.1 rebounds and 2.1 assists while shooting 39.5 percent from three. He can still do a little bit of everything, but his main draws would be spacing the floor for Milwaukee's stars and playing serviceable defense in endless lineup combinations.

At 35, adding Batum wouldn't help in Milwaukee's quest for more youth, but if he's on a team-friendly deal, he could help this bench or at least provide battle-tested depth.