5 Free agent targets who could fill the Milwaukee Bucks' final roster spot

The Bucks still have a couple of roster holes.
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Lonnie Walker IV

Sticking with shooting guards, Lonnie Walker IV is a very different player than Josh Okogie, but he should also be firmly on Milwaukee's wish list.

Walker's eye-popping athleticism has always been his greatest feature. Standing at 6-foot-4, he can jump out of the gym for a thunderous dunk of a rebound at any point. Of course, adding athleticism and youth have been key objectives for the Milwaukee Bucks this off-season, and while they've done a great job thus far, landing the 25-year-old Walker would help continue the trend.

Yet, he's far more than just a dunker offensively, as Walker is a strong outside shooter, having made 1.8 triples per game this past season, a new career high. Throughout his six NBA seasons, Walker has sunk 35.6 percent of his triples (37.5 over the past two years), so he could slide into the lineup and provide quality perimeter shooting and floor spacing for the Milwaukee Bucks' star players.

Walker could be an energizer for this team, especially in the athleticism department. If the Bucks can convince him to take a minimum to prove himself on a contender for one year - think of what they did with Malik Beasley last season - it would be the definition of a low-risk, high-reward move as they aim to get their starting two-guard problem resolved.