5 Free agent targets who could fill the Milwaukee Bucks' final roster spot

The Bucks still have a couple of roster holes.
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Dennis Smith Jr.

Many think that since they signed Delon Wright, the Milwaukee Bucks have no need for another point guard on the roster. While Wright could very well be the team's new backup point guard, him starting next to Damian Lillard should also not be ruled out of the equation. In that scenario, this team would need a backup floor general, and Dennis Smith Jr. is one of the best names still out there.

Smith has had a tough time finding a home in the NBA over the past few seasons, but he showed his value with the Brooklyn Nets this past season as a defensive-minded backup point guard. He could handle the ball off the bench and also take on tough guard matchups, hounding his opponent down the court constantly. Averaging 1.2 steals per game, he created more opportunities constantly.

Wright and Smith could give the Bucks two defensive-minded guards who are not afraid to take on the difficult assignments, giving this team a needed boost on the perimeter. On that same not, they could both take pressure off of Damian Lillard, allowing him to focus more on his offense while those two tackle the tough scorers. That could elevate Lillard's offensive game mightily.

Like the aforementioned Okogie, the big concern with Smith is the outside shot, as he's sunk a mere 29.8 percent of his career triples, which could cause fit issues. Yet, with the defense and playmaking he could bring off of the bench, the Bucks should be willing to take the gamble. Perhaps Lillard could do some recruiting of his former teammate with the Portland Trail Blazers.