3 Fresh trade packages to help the Milwaukee Bucks contend for a title

Atlanta Hawks v Milwaukee Bucks
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The Milwaukee Bucks sit at an impressive 19 wins and seven losses after almost a third of the regular season.

Their offense has looked explosive over the past couple of weeks, but there are still some concerns on the other side of the ball. The Bucks are in a win-now mode, being one of the older teams in the league, and another young guy who can contribute now could push them to new heights. Whether the players in these trades are available or not, all three would be plug-and-play options with versatility on both ends and worth calling about.

Teams don't typically trade pieces for younger players in a championship season, but with the league having so much talent from top to bottom, these trade targets would help inject some punch for Milwaukee on both ends. That said, let us look at several trade packages.

3 Fresh trade packages to help the Milwaukee Bucks contend for a title

Bucks/Hawks Trade

In this trade, AJ Griffin would join forces with his father, Adrian, the head coach of the Bucks. Griffin has been in and out of the rotation as of late and has missed the last few games due to personal reasons. It is hard to figure out what is going on there, especially since Griffin has shown he is a solid NBA player in the minutes he has gotten. He has practically fallen out of the rotation just one year removed from a good rookie campaign. Whether that falls on Quinn Snyder's coaching style, injury, or the fact that Atlanta is so wing-heavy, it's unclear.

Of course, Connaughton has been a key playoff performer at times, and trading two second round picks would not be ideal for the Bucks. Some would say this trade is a gamble for Milwaukee. With that being said, Griffin would offer things this team is missing and be able to fill in Connaughton's void as a shooter for the Bucks.

Youth and energy could go a long way for this team, and losing Pat Connaughton would not be detrimental to the Bucks in any way, shape, or form; the Bucks are experienced enough. Atlanta's perspective on this trade would be a bit interesting. They would basically be giving up their first rounder from last year for some more experience on a relatively young squad. Connaughton has shown he can perform in the playoffs so that at least helps his price tag a bit. The 2024 second via Portland would be a nice enticer for Milwaukee to offer in this deal.