3 Fresh trade packages to help the Milwaukee Bucks contend for a title

Atlanta Hawks v Milwaukee Bucks
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Bucks/Pelicans Trade

3 Fresh trade packages to help the Milwaukee Bucks contend for a title

Trade two of three is the "big hitter" and likely the most unrealistic of the three trades, but it does indeed help the Milwaukee Bucks.

In this package, Milwaukee acquires a proven bench option in Larry Nance Jr. and a young wing with a boatload of upside in Trey Murphy III. Given the potential of Murphy, the Pelicans may be hesitant to accept this trade, but Milwaukee would be sending plenty their way. Two second round picks, a wing with potential on both ends, and one of the better bench players in the league is about all Milwaukee can offer in this deal. The first-round picks are sparse over the next five-10 years for Milwaukee, which would likely make the difference in a trade like this one.

Giving up Portis would be a big hit for the Bucks, but the lack of defense has hurt Milwaukee, and trading away Portis in this package helps Milwaukee on that side of the ball. Not only that, but Trey Murphy III can shoot and has tremendous length and athleticism. I personally don't think a trade like this would be likely for Milwaukee due to how the Pelicans value Murphy, but you never know, and this is certainly a trade that would help them.