Gauging confidence meter on Milwaukee Bucks personnel before NBA Playoffs

Milwaukee Bucks v Philadelphia 76ers
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Doc Rivers - 4

When the Milwaukee Bucks fired Adrian Griffin, the fanbase was very divided. When Rivers was hired, there was also a divided response from fans. His experience is up there with the very best, but his recent struggles and notable blown 3-1 leads will, of course, be a topic of conversation and have been since his arrival in Milwaukee.

Granted, he has massively improved the defense, but it still isn't quite championship caliber, whilst the offense has taken a big step back from what we saw with Griffin. Rivers won the title with the Celtics back in 2008 and has still been one of the best coaches in the league since. With the record under his stewardship being 17-19, a good postseason run would do the world of good for the Bucks and their faith in him moving forward, the fanbase and their trust for him and also Rivers and how he is perceived by NBA fans.

There may be some leniency should Giannis miss more time than expected, but without him, the Milwaukee Bucks on paper should be capable of beating the Pacers. Still, we know basketball isn't played on paper, and Milwaukee has not played to their full potential.

If Giannis is back and the Bucks don't make a run, then the first questions will likely be directed towards Rivers. The reason he was brought in over Griffin was to lead the Bucks to a deep postseason run.

I personally don't think the Bucks are anywhere near winning the title, but they have more than enough talent to make the Eastern Conference Finals, which sounds very defeatist for a team that has recently won a title and trade for an MVP caliber superstar. The goal was obviously to win another ring, and I don't think Rivers is the coach to do that. I don't think Griffin was either.

Rivers can get the Bucks far, and so can the talent, but in terms of the confidence in him leading the Bucks forward, I am not too sure about it. Defensively, he will have them locked in, but as he has shown since taking over, the offense has taken a big step back, and I think it will come down to Giannis' greatness and anyone else as to whether the Milwaukee Bucks' playoff run goes deep or not.

Stay tuned for more Milwaukee Bucks analysis with the playoffs set to begin this week.