Gauging confidence meter on Milwaukee Bucks personnel before NBA Playoffs

Milwaukee Bucks v Philadelphia 76ers
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Giannis Antetokounmpo - 10

It's a real question of when Giannis comes back and what state he comes back in that will determine how the Bucks. season plays out.

He has always had great recovery ability, but this is becoming a regular occurrence around playoff time with him missing some postseason games every year since 2020. For everyone's sake, it is hopeful he makes a quick recovery, but calf injuries can be problematic. If he is healthy, anything can happen, as he has proven he can do what he does in the regular season and more in the playoffs.

This season, he is averaging 30.4 points, 11.5 rebounds and 6.5 assists on a career high 61 percent shooting from the field. Add to that a steal and a block per game, and he still is one of the best players in the league. Across his playoff career, he has averaged 26.6 points with 12 rebounds and five assists. I expect this playoffs that he will be well above that points wise as he looks to really assert himself on games and show why the Bucks are still one of the top contenders.

Against the Pacers this season, he has averaged 42.2 points, 13 rebounds and 5.4 assists. Pascal Siakam has yet to face the Bucks in a Pacers jersey, and Giannis would have that assignment. He will want to show the Pacers that the regular season series win doesn't translate to the postseason.

Giannis put up 50 points in game six against the Phoenix Suns in 2021 to win the Bucks a title. I don't think there are any doubts about him and what he will bring. Last season against the Miami Heat, he suffered a back injury in Game 1 and only returned for Games 4 and 5, where he still put up 26 and 38 whilst having the medical team massage him during timeouts.

This man will put his body on the line for the team. If anything, I think he has been angered by everything that has gone on this season. That anger, when translated into basketball aggression and passion, is dangerous for teams that will face the Milwaukee Bucks.

Hopefully the team can win without him and then he can ease his way in. The worst thing would be if the Bucks were 0-2 against the Pacers and then rushed him back on a nagging injury to carry them over the line.

If he can be at his best then no doubts about him easy 10 on the confidence meter.