Gauging confidence meter on Milwaukee Bucks personnel before NBA Playoffs

Milwaukee Bucks v Philadelphia 76ers
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Khris Middleton - 8

Khris Middleton's story this season has been surrounding his injuries, having only managed to play in 33 games last season and then in the postseason. This season, he is up at 55 games and should now be back in a rhythm and flow for the playoffs.

Similar to Lillard, with Giannis out, Middleton now needs to step up as the All-Star caliber player he is and help lead the Bucks early on. He has playoff pedigree, so I have faith he can do it again.

It has been a lesser season production-wise for Middleton, with him now being the third scorer on the team with Lillard in the lineup. He has still averaged 15 points, 4.7 rebounds and five assists on 49 percent shooting and 38 percent from deep.

What I have faith in with Middleton is in that series against the Heat last season, he still averaged 23.8 points despite playing only 33 regular season games. Yes, the total will be lower this year, but he is a 20 point playoff average scorer, so he has shown that when it matters he can hit big shots.

Alongside Lillard, the Bucks now have two players with strong closing ability to go to down the stretch, which can be a big plus, as defenses will need to make sure they stop both from creating the shot they want.

It looks like Middleton has overcome his injuries, and I am confident he can produce when it matters and the Bucks are better. When the starting five play together, the Bucks have a net rating of 15.1, and when rotations shorten, they will all be needed.