Gauging confidence meter on Milwaukee Bucks personnel before NBA Playoffs

Milwaukee Bucks v Philadelphia 76ers
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Thanasis Antetokounmpo - 1

Thanasis Antetokounmpo's games and minutes played went down this season, and he has found himself missing out on playing in the majority of games. His stats have, of course, dropped with this drop in minutes, and it is unlikely he will play at all in the postseason except for a few garbage time minutes.

He has only been featured in 23 of 50 possible playoff games since becoming a member of the Milwaukee Bucks, averaging just three minutes across that time as well. If he does play, it will be garbage time so he will have very little impact on games.

MarJon Beauchamp - 3

MarJon Beauchamp had a great rookie season and looked like he would be a real figure in the rotation moving forward but has struggled to kick on in his sophomore season.

He played in 48 regular season games, four less than last season, and his minutes dropped by around one minute. Again, the drop in minutes means his stats have dropped, but his shooting has gone up to 48.8 percent from the field and 40 percent from three. Those are good signs if he is to play in the postseason, but he has only featured in five games since the beginning of March, so he is very much out of the rotation.

In final two games of the regular season, he scored seven points in both and shot 75 and 60 percent from the field, hitting two of three attempted shots from deep. It feels unlikely he will feature except for garbage time, with Green and Jackson Jr. more heavily favored over him.

Chris Livingston - 1

The reason Chris Livingston is at a one is that we just haven't seen enough of him this rookie season. He signed a record deal for the final pick in the draft but only went on to play 21 times in the regular season. All season long, he has found himself playing the final few minutes of games if he saw the floor. However, he played 14 minutes against the Thunder and scored six points and hit all three shots he took. His 21 games is just such a small sample size, and he may have more opportunities next season, but for the playoffs, I imagine he won't even suit up.