Getting to know Jaylin Galloway, the Milwaukee Bucks' surprising new signing

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Jaylin Galloway's pros

Galloway is around 6-foot-5 and can play small forward or shooting guard, thanks to his great athleticism. He's strong and explosive, so he looks ready for the NBA-level physicality, and he has some things going for him if he's given the opportunity.

He could make his biggest impact as an off-ball player since he's a good cutter and is also hard to slow down when he receives the ball on the movement. He could fit well next to a centralizing player like Giannis Antetokounmpo, who is given a lot of atention from the defense and is ready to assist cutting team mates. The Bucks do have many shooters but not as many players who can finish strong and the rim, and he sure can add that.

Galloway is, on the other hand, not a very good shooter. He's got better over the years, but he's shooting 34 percent from three, which isn't exactly ideal. He mainly scores off the dribble, something he will probably not be able to do a lot when given a minor role on his new team.

Thanks to his athleticism, he can be a solid rebounder for his size, and he's shown flashes of being a good defender too. He can get a bit unfocused or undisciplined on this end, but that's something he'll probably turn around when he gets more experience since his explosiveness gives him the potential to be pretty solid.

It's also remarkable that he's already had some NBA experience. Not a ton, but he won't just be starting from scratch. He played at last year's Summer League for the Minnesota Timberwolves, and even if he only got a few minutes in two games, he is at least a bit used to the NBA environment.