Getting to know Jaylin Galloway, the Milwaukee Bucks' surprising new signing

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Jaylin Galloway's flaws

All that being said, it's unclear if Galloways is ready to play in the NBA yet. This could become a solid signing in a few years from now after he's gotten more experience, but there are some areas of his game he really needs to work on for the time being.

We've already talked about his 3-point shooting, but that's far from being his biggest problem. He shot just 59 percent from the free-throw line this season, and even if we excuse it as a bad year, in his best season, he shot 67 percent, which is still pretty bad. So, since free-throw shooting tends to be indicative of general shooting, he clearly needs to improve.

That's made even worse by the fact that he doesn't excel at shot selection, something that, much like his lack of focus on defense, might just be a matter of time. Getting him on a NBA team could help to speed up his progress and get rid of this rookie mistakes, after which he has the potential to be a solid piece for a team like the Bucks.

Lastly, he can struggle to finish in traffic. He's explosive and can finish strongly at the rim, but he still doesn't have a great touch to consistently get buckets when surrounded by defenders. Will he be able to solve these issues in Milwaukee? Only time will tell.

With Galloway and fellow newcomer Ryan Rollins signed to two-way deals, the Bucks have now filled out their entire roster.