Grade the trade: Bucks improve backcourt by trading Bobby Portis in mock deal

The Bucks would add a fan-favorite target.
Milwaukee Bucks v Chicago Bulls
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Grade the trade: The verdict

This would be an excellent move for the Bucks. After everything that's been said, it's no surprise that this was given an A+ from Milwaukee's POV. Yet, this writer has called it unrealistic several times, and that remains true.

The only way many can see this trade happening is if other teams happen to be more reluctant with Caruso than expected. Maybe not many contenders need a defensive-minded guard. Maybe the Bulls are higher on Beauchamp than they are on any other young player they get offered. Maybe other teams are not willing to trade their picks. It could happen.

Yet, after seeing how two athletic role players changed the Dallas Mavericks' season, it wouldn't be surprising to see this kind of player get more expensive.

Caruso would improve the Bucks on so many levels and would fill so many holes that actually landing him seems like a dream. He's the kind of player they should try to get, even if the price to pay is way higher than this, because he's a winning role player who would raise the floor of an already championship-caliber Milwaukee Bucks team.

For the Bulls, the trade would help them taking the path many think they should follow, but not in a pretty convincing way. And, if they don't even want to tank, this doesn't make sense because they have an identity built around their defensive toughness, which is mainly because of what Caruso brings on the court.

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