Grade the trade: Bucks add established wing stopper in mock deal with Brooklyn Nets

Milwaukee Bucks v Brooklyn Nets
Milwaukee Bucks v Brooklyn Nets / Dustin Satloff/GettyImages
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Grade the trade: Conclusion

Personally, this writer would give the trade a B+ overall. It’s a move that would make sense for both teams and makes both teams better, even if it’s slightly skewed towards the Milwaukee Bucks, given Brooklyn would likely have much better offers on the trade market for a player like O’Neale. Milwaukee also doesn't technically meet the asking price of Brooklyn at the moment and will have to hope that they see value in the likes of Pat Connaughton or any of the young players they can offer.

Of course, the success of any trade and player fit depends on a litany of factors, including coaching strategies, player roles, and how well the team integrates the new player into its system. The fit of Royce O'Neale with the Milwaukee Bucks would ultimately depend on how well he adapts to their playing style and contributes to both ends of the floor. Fortunately for him, a man of his skills is exactly what they’ve been missing, and there’s an O’Neale-sized hole in their defense that’s waiting to be plugged.

This writer has also picked out other defensive studs to monitor on the trade market, none of whom have been moved or even inquired about yet.

Stay tuned for more analysis on the Milwaukee Bucks as the season continues.