Grade the trade: Bucks move fan-favorite for elite bench scorer in mock deal

Utah Jazz v Milwaukee Bucks
Utah Jazz v Milwaukee Bucks / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages
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The Jazz's POV on this mock trade

As highlighted in the Bleacher Report article, this trade would open up playing time for Utah's youth while also stocking up on some interesting assets.

Beauchamp and Green would be nice additions to this young core. They have both shown potential early in their careers, Green as a shooter and Beauchamp as an athletic wing, and perhaps some of their potential could be unearthed with a larger role in Utah. Both are on team-friendly deals, so this would be a rather low risk move.

Pat Connaughton could be flipped down the line. He's not a star role player, but in Milwaukee's he's shown that he can be a Swiss Army Knife on a team that has won it all. If someone doesn't want to trade for Connaughton by himself, his salary could be useful in a larger trade if the Jazz are feeling aggressive. He could also be a fine veteran mentor for their younger players.

As mentioned, that pick is also projected to be an early second-rounder, so the Jazz could grab a potentially nice player with it. Given that they're on a much more youth-directed timeline, that pick could end up being very useful if the team has their eye on someone. Even if the draft is considered to be weaker, the Jazz are on a timeline where they can take the long road to develop a young player.

Losing Clarkson would be a big blow, especially considering how much he means to the franchise, but this would allow them to get some assets in return.