Grade the trade: Bucks move fan-favorite for elite bench scorer in mock deal

Utah Jazz v Milwaukee Bucks
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The Grade on this mock trade between the Bucks and Jazz

It would be very surprising if the Milwaukee Bucks went for this type of move this off-season.

After the year they've had, they will likely be in the market for a sturdy wing defender. When they were interested in Clarskon previously, Jrue Holiday was still the team's point guard. The idea was that they could pair the two together and take pressure offensively off of Holiday, who could then focus more on defense while Clarkson provided scoring.

With Damian Lillard as the starting point guard, it's now the opposite, where the front office would be more wise to put a defensive-minded piece next to him. Clarkson could give the team another quality scoring option, which always helps, but he wouldn't help plug their defensive holes, which should be among their top priorities in the NBA off-season.

Unless they made other moves to complement this one, the Bucks would raise more question marks about their defense with this move. Sure, the offense would become more formidable, but they need guys who can play tough defense as well. Many would prefer to see a reputable wing defender come to town with the roster as it is currently constructed, but this would not be the worst move.

Losing Green would sting, especially as he has shown legitimate potential since the coaching change, but with his role constantly fluctuating, one could argue that bringing in an established piece such as Jordan Clarkson would be worth it.

Had this been proposed last season when the Milwaukee Bucks needed more offense over defense, it would have graded out much higher. It's still solid, but this team could really use reinforcements on the other side of the ball. Perhaps these assets would be better suited to be moved in a deal for that type of defensive presence.

BTBP Grade: B-

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