Grade the trade: Bucks get needed point of attack defender in mock deal with Kings

Milwaukee Bucks v Sacramento Kings
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Grade the trade: The verdict

I would grade this trade as a C+ for the Bucks because even if it looks like it could potentially improve the team, it doesn't look that big of an improvement. Mitchell's role wouldn't probably be very big, so he could help the bench defense, but it doesn't feel like a game-changing trade.

Come playoff time, it's hard to envision how Doc Rivers would use him, but since rotations tend to get shorter and Lillard is most likely getting a lot of minutes, there's just not a ton of room for him out there. However, there are going to be some stretches when the Bucks are going to need to throw an aggressive on-ball defender to try to slow down some hot-handed guard, and he can give you that.

He can even be on the floor for some key defensive possessions in clutch time. So maybe he doesn't need to be a 15-20 minutes per game guy to be relevant, but it feels like a shooting guard that fits better next to Lillard would be a better target.

And taking that into account, the biggest problem I see with this trade is that it would most likely be all the Bucks do. There's still a chance of another trade with Pat Connaughton, Bobby Portis, and another second-round pick elsewhere, but I don't see all that happening at the same time. So, as a final move, as a last stand to try to make this roster a champions-caliber team, this does not look so exciting. Which does not mean it hasn't the potential to be helpful.

BTBP Grade: C+

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