Grade the Trade: Bucks patch several roster holes in mock deal with division rival

Milwaukee Bucks v Chicago Bulls
Milwaukee Bucks v Chicago Bulls / Justin Casterline/GettyImages
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The Chicago Bulls' perspective

The Chicago Bulls will face another off-season of deciding whether or not they will aim to contend or kick-off a rebuild.

If it's the former, keeping Dosunmu would make sense, as he's coming off arguably the best year of his young career. He could be a building block for this team as they look to get back to contending status in the near future, as he's a very nice complementary piece to Chicago's core players.

Yet, if they are willing to listen to offers and start collecting assets, which seems somewhat likely after the team was constantly mentioned in trade murmurs last season, Dosunmu could be a more realistic target for teams. They certainly would not take him for pennies on the dollar, so it would take an offer of something substantial to pry the guard away from Chicago.

Connaughton himself wouldn't be the most attractive asset, but that first-round pick could make this interesting. With ESPN's Jonathan Givony and Jeremy Woo (Subscription required) reporting that the Bulls could look to move up in the upcoming draft, having another first-rounder to offer teams could be a useful asset. If they like a draft prospect enough, perhaps they could move on from Dosunmu.

Connaughton could also give them a very tradable salary to utilize or give them a fine enough veteran who has won at the highest level. Again, the first-rounder is the real prize here.