Grade the Trade: Bucks patch several roster holes in mock deal with division rival

Milwaukee Bucks v Chicago Bulls
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If this is on the table, the Milwaukee Bucks should absolutely go for it.

Although it would be nice to draft a young player who could possibly develop into a long-term piece, there is always some risk with that. The Bucks would be taking a player and hoping they pan out in the NBA, while Dosunmu is already a proven product.

The guard would fit seamlessly with the Milwaukee Bucks, giving them a strong, lengthy defender who can take on tough defensive assignments while also providing a boost on the other end. At 24, he is still young himself, so it almost would essentially be like utilizing that draft pick, just a safer bet.

Losing Connaughton wouldn't be much of a blow. He'll always be a hero for his efforts in 2021, but in the years since, he just hasn't managed to rekindle that same magic. It was clear this past season that he had undoubtedly lost a step, and he possesses one of the most tradeable contracts on the roster if the Bucks want to make a decently sized trade like this.

For the Bulls, this mock trade would be about rounding up all of the assets possible in an attempt to move up in the draft in the coming weeks or simply add a first to use on their own. It depends on which direction they decide to go, but if they blow up the roster, this wouldn't be the worst return, but they could likely get more for Dosunmu.

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Grade for Bucks: A-

Grade for Bulls: B-