Grade The Trade: Bucks add young wing with a family connection in this proposal

Milwaukee Bucks v Atlanta Hawks
Milwaukee Bucks v Atlanta Hawks / Todd Kirkland/GettyImages
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The Atlanta Hawks' POV on this mock trade with the Milwaukee Bucks

As highlighted previously, Griffin is not in Atlanta's rotation right now. That doesn't mean he is outright available for trade, but if the right offer is presented, perhaps they would consider dealing the forward out of Duke. If so, this mock trade with Milwaukee presents upside in the form of draft capital and help from a veteran wing.

Connaughton would be a nice addition to a team looking to break through after some early struggles this season. He could serve as a do-it-all veteran, giving Atlanta a wing who can defend, rebound, and shoot the ball, all while hustling every play. On top of that, he brings championship experience, having helped the Bucks win it all in 2021, which included a playoff series against the Hawks.

This deal would also allow the Hawks to stock up on draft capital. While they would not be getting back the first round compensation they initially used to select Griffin, a pair of second rounders in exchange for him could be valuable. Perhaps they could use those picks to piece together a larger trade to improve their odds further.

It's an interesting proposal for Atlanta to consider given that Griffin has essentially been a non-factor for the Hawks this season.