Grade The Trade: Bucks add young wing with a family connection in this proposal

Milwaukee Bucks v Atlanta Hawks
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The grade on this trade between the Milwaukee Bucks and Atlanta Hawks

If the Milwaukee Bucks intend to make a trade this season, they likely only have enough assets to do one deal. Is this the move they need to push them over the edge? Not quite.

Griffin has shown glimpses of potential and has plenty of upside, but they already have three players like that in MarJon Beauchamp, Chris Livingston, and Andre Jackson Jr. They might be better off just giving those three legitimate minutes over another young wing who would also be fighting for time, especially as this would be Milwaukee's one shot to make a deal, in all likelihood.

The Bucks should be chasing after a defensive-minded veteran. The one player everyone is currently eyeing is Dorian Finney-Smith of the Brooklyn Nets. This package alone would not get him due to the salary issues, but the Bucks would be better off putting their assets in a proposal for him. There's no guarantee that they could get him, but they should be going after a veteran over a young player.

If the Bucks were to pursue this deal, one tweak to the framework that might make it more digestible would be the addition of Wesley Matthews from Atlanta's end. Of course, the veteran spent the past season and a half in Milwaukee and proved to be a huge piece defensively. Matthews would not be a game-changer, but he could perhaps help provide some defensive assistance on the perimeter.

The Bucks would have to include another player in this deal or clear a roster spot somehow to take Matthews and Griffin in, but it's possible.

As for the outgoing parts, the Bucks should not be hesitant to trade Connaughton, given just how poorly he's played this season. Unless he turns a corner like it's 2021, the Bucks should certainly be in the market for an upgrade. As for the picks, those are some of the final assets the team has, but if they can net the team an impact player, parting ways with them would be well worth it.

This just might not be the deal for Milwaukee to go for, though.

BTBP Grade: B-

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