Grade the trade: Milwaukee Bucks add wing depth in mock deal with Toronto Raptors

Milwaukee Bucks v Toronto Raptors
Milwaukee Bucks v Toronto Raptors / Cole Burston/GettyImages
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Milwaukee's perspective on this mock trade

The struggle has been real over the last six games for the Bucks. Dropping four of the last six will create some tension amongst the fanbase. Milwaukee has hit a rough patch, but that does not take away what this team was able to accomplish beforehand. Almost every team hits a rough patch at some point.

Milwaukee receives some defensive reinforcements in Jalen McDaniels and Otto Porter Jr. in this deal. The Bucks' defense has been pretty horrific at times this year and anything to help improve that could be a win for this team. Jalen McDaniels has not seen much of a consistent role in his time with Toronto despite looking good in his 56 apperances with the Hornets in 2022-2023.

Every time I watch McDaniels play, he seems like a guy that could help any bench. He has not been able to get a rhythm going this season with such spotty minutes and performance. When he is on the court, McDaniels hustles and defends well and can occasionally get hot offensively. Is his production worth two players and two second-rounders? I don't know; that depends on what McDaniels you are getting.

I believe if he played for Milwaukee, he and most wings like that would fit well. Porter Jr. has found himself in the same boat as McDaniels in terms of playing time, but they are on opposite ends of their careers. I'm not sure Otto Porter Jr. will be a huge help to anyone at this point in his career, but he would offer Milwaukee another experienced and able-bodied player for their bench, and who knows, maybe Otto's shooting could help Milwaukee, too.

As I stated before, losing Pat Connaughton isn't as big of a hit as some people act, but losing out on two second-round picks is significant for the Bucks. AJ Green can shoot the lights out, but if they can improve at the expense of a guy who rarely plays, then they probably should at this point.