Grading Bleacher Report's captivating Milwaukee Bucks' mock trade for Marcus Smart

Utah Jazz v Memphis Grizzlies
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Grading B/R's mock trade for Marcus Smart: Grizzlies' POV

Would the Memphis Grizzlies benefit from this trade enough to consider moving their biggest off-season addition?

The Memphis Grizzlies unfortunately lost Steven Adams to a season ending injury, leaving Jaren Jackson Jr. as their primary center with 31 year old journeyman Bismack Biyombo as his only backup. Bringing in Bobby Portis would allow the Memphis Grizzlies to use Jaren Jackson Jr. as a power forward again and allow him to free range on both sides of the ball more often, where he can be dangerous, instead of tethered to the paint.

As for the addition of Pat Connaughton, the Memphis Grizzlies would be able to at least replace the hustle that Marcus Smart provides. In addition, Pat Connaughton (and Bobby Portis) would bring with them championship pedigree. They've been in the NBA Finals, and they've won a championship. Pat Connaughton also is a reliable 3-point shooter. For his career, he has shot 35.9 percent from deep and has patented the "catch high, keep high" shot in what is known in Milwaukee as "Connaughton's corner."

MarJon Beauchamp offers young potential of a potential star two-way player and has flashed that potential on both ends at times this season. The potential of MarJon Beauchamp is what could possibly make this deal worthwhile for the Memphis Grizzlies.

Then, to add a cherry, albeit a small one, on top, the Milwaukee Bucks could also throw in a 2024 second round pick from the Portland Trail Blazers. With as bad as the Blazers are struggling through the first quarter of the season (6-14, same record as the Grizzlies currently) that pick could end up in the early 30s of next year's draft.

Grading Bleacher Report's trade for the Memphis Grizzlies: A-

The Grizzlies may have to sacrifice some defense temporarily, but they get a big upgrade for their depth, and their offense gets some help that also aids their roster as it stands now and gives them some pieces to use for the future.