Grading Delon Wright's brilliant deal with the Milwaukee Bucks

The Bucks have boosted their backcourt depth.
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Delon Wright’s long-term outlook with the Milwaukee Bucks

This is very much a standard veteran deal. Wright has the experience and skill set to assist the Bucks.

Should it work out, they will look to offer him a deal to keep him around longer. In his nine-year career, Wright has played for eight different franchises (the Bucks now being number nine), and he is the sort of player lots of contending teams desire due to his defensive capabilities and solid offensive game.

It is a move of intent from the Bucks' front office by acquiring someone in their prime to help with their defensive issues. Milwaukee needs to get younger and more athletic, however, Wright can defend and still brings an element of athleticism that is lacking from other areas of the roster.

This all focuses on the present, and this first move tackles some of the roster's issues. Other roster spots will be filled but there are rumors still circulating about the team possibly being active in the trade market.

Wright and the Bucks are a great pairing for now, but should it go well, then their tenure together may be extended. The guard has spent three-and-a-half years in Toronto, but since 2019 has been all over the country. This could be the chance for him to find a team he stays with for a number of years.