Grading Delon Wright's brilliant deal with the Milwaukee Bucks

The Bucks have boosted their backcourt depth.
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The verdict on Delon Wright's deal with the Milwaukee Bucks

This deal is brilliant for the Milwaukee Bucks. Two of their backcourt rotational players are free agents, and the Bucks needed to fill those roles. This is a good start. With the financial restrictions the team has, Wright is one of the best players the Bucks could have got to fill that role as a potential starting guard or veteran backup from the bench.

Wright gets a chance to be on a contending team and provides value with his dependability and defensive versatility. It is a great short-term deal that, if successful, could lead to a longer deal for Wright to stay in Milwaukee. The main draw with this deal is his defense, and at 31, Wright is younger than a lot of the previous veteran guards the Milwaukee Bucks have acquired in recent years.

With Rivers and the Bucks reportedly wanting to play a more versatile defensive scheme, having Wright on the roster allows them to do so as he is a big guard, allowing him to be moved onto bigger wings while also having the physical edge over smaller guards. It is a really clever move by the Bucks. It is low-risk with what he brings and the fit for the roster.

Overall, this deal is brilliant for the Milwaukee Bucks and Wright.

BTBP Grade: A

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